When many families consider homeschooling, it can often feel overwhelming. However, homeschooling in Maryland is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Submit the notice of Intent To Homeschool Form (select Option B – Peaceful Worldschoolers Homeschool Umbrella – 2832 Gracefield Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904) to your county Superintendent at least 15 days before beginning your homeschool program. If you are NOT in Maryland, please look up your state’s homeschooling laws on the HSLDA Website.
  2. Complete the Peaceful Worldschoolers Homeschool Umbrella Registration Form.
  3. Book your FREE Homeschooling Pre-Conference with Angela Harders

*=I was unable to find a county-specific homeschool notification form, so this is the generic Maryland Intent to Homeschool Form.

Once you have finished steps 1, 2, and 3, that’s when the fun REALLY begins!

We invite you to get connected with our homeschooling community so we can enjoy living and learning together! We provide a wide variety of support for new and veteran homeschoolers! Check out these additional resources below:

  1. Peaceful Worldschoolers of the DMV Facebook Group – We post daily field trips and events in our Facebook Group, and we invite our members to also share your own meet-ups and events so we can build a strong homeschooling community in the DMV!
  2. Farm and Forest School – We offer a Drop-Off Program on Tuesdays and Thursdays at a farm in Gaithersburg where your children can learn sustainable growing, planting, harvesting, composting, homesteading, and more!
  3. Educational Consultations – If you would like additional one-on-one support for your homeschooling or unschooling journey, book an educational consultation with certified special education teacher, Angela Harders. Together, we will talk through any issues or concerns that you may have and make a plan so that you can create the ideal educational experience for your child and for you!
  4. Peaceful Worldschooling Podcast – Listen in as we have conversations with other unschooling and worldschooling families from around the world! If you are an unschooler and would like to be guest on the Peaceful Worldschooling Podcast, sign up here
  5. Online Courses for Children and Adults – We provide a wide variety of online courses to support you and your children as you learn and grow. Our course list continues to grow, but here is a taste of what we are offering:
    • How To Determine My Child’s Reading Level
    • Unschooling 101 – A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Directed Education
    • Unschooling and Math
    • Unschooling and Reading
    • Reading and Typing Program
    • Gospel-Based Parenting
    • Biblical Cosmology
    • The Truth about PMAs


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