About Us

We are founded on the principles of faith and freedom.

Our church was founded in October 2021 by Patty Hurtarte and Angela Harders. Our various ministries serve our members and community as we pursue faith and freedom together.

Our Founders

Angela Harders

Angela is a certified teacher, PMA Advisor,  and an international best-selling author.  She is a homeschooling mom of two children: Sophia and Benjamin. 

Patty “AP” Hurtarte

Patty is a professional hand-lettering artist, creative director, and branding expert. She has a passion for inspiring others through art and promoting natural health/healing.


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Our Ministries

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PAX Academy is a registered private school that provides families with the protection of a private school and the freedom of unschooling. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children, so we provide educational support for both children and parents in cultivating the unique gifts and talents that God has given to each unique individual.

One of the greatest ways for us to walk in faith and freedom is by establishing Private Membership Associations (PMAs). It is our honor and privilege to help others establish their own faith-based businesses, ministries, and churches in an effort to fulfill the Great Commission.

We help authors of all ages publish their faith-based books. God has called us to share our stories with the world – both fiction and nonfiction. We will walk you through the whole process of publishing your book – from brainstorming to best-seller!

We are committed to cultivating peace with…

God and self

God has called us to live in peace with Him in order to experience peace within ourselves.


We are dedicated to cultivating peace within our homes and with our loved ones.


We promote peace in our communities: at work, at church, at school, and throughout the world.


We believe in the power of plants to promote peace in the world through healing our mind, body, and spirit.


Here’s what our members have shared:

Angela is a fantastic PMA Advisor! We were able to establish our Private Ministerial Association in a matter of days with her expert guidance. She clearly outlined the whole process, thoroughly answered all of our questions, and provided a wealth of resources for us as we dive deeper into the private domain. Her “Practice of PMAs” course is a gem where she shines as a teacher and guide. You can’t go wrong with Angela as your PMA Advisor!

Dayana Salazar

PMA Founder
Earth Magic School

Angela’s books, podcast, and consulting services have been so helpful for me as a new homeschooling mom! I never imagined that I would be able to homeschool as a single parent, but Angela’s advice and support has made it all possible for us! I absolutely love being able to live and learn with faith and freedom!

Monica Hurtarte

Homeschooling Single Mom

I had the pleasure to work with Angela when she edited and co-wrote my best-selling book, Entangled No More. I quickly found synchronization within her work and the work I do. I am grateful for her wisdom of PMAs and supporting me in that matter as well as her expert editing skills.

Jessica Beal

International Best-Selling Author and CEO of Three Sisters Light Body Energy Work

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