Did you know?

The average person can type 35 words per minute (wpm), but the average student can type only 10 wpm!

Also, the fastest typer in the world can type 212 wpm!

How fast can YOU type?

girl typing on a laptop

Save time and money through learning this valuable, life-changing skill!

No matter what your current typing speed is, the truth is that the faster you can type, the more efficient you will be in school, in work, and in life.

Our revolutionary Reading and Typing Program will help you learn to type quickly and accurately in as little as 10 minutes a day!


Teaching children to type is as essential (if not more so) than teaching them to write. Ideally, children should begin learning to type at 5 years old.


High School and College Students spend more than 5 hours per day typing. By learning touch-typing, students can finish essays and projects in less than half the time!


Do you want to increase productivity and efficiency in your job? Do more in less time by learning this valuable skill: touch-typing. NOW is the perfect time to save!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Reading and Typing Program?

The Reading and Typing Program is a revolutionary program that teaches Touch-Typing through phonics and spelling patterns. Traditional typing programs teach typing through repetition of random letters beginning with the home row keys. For example,

asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; 
asdf asdf asdf asdf
jkl; jkl; jkl; jkl;
ajskdlf; ajskdlf;

However, the Reading and Typing Program incorporates phonics and spelling patterns in order to increase typing speeds  and reading/spelling skills. For example, 

aaa ddd aaa ddd aaa ddd
ad ad ad ad
sad sad sad sad
dad dad dad dad

By teaching typing through phonics and spelling patterns, anyone can learn to type quickly and easily!

Why did you create the Reading and Typing Program?

I (Angela Harders) created the Reading and Typing Program while I was teaching ESOL and Special Education students. I noticed that my elementary students were struggling with their standardized tests – not because they didn’t know the content, but because they didn’t know how to type. 

So I designed this revolutionary typing program to help my students learn to type quickly and accurately in a similar way to how we teach children to read – by using phonics and spelling patterns.

I was proud to see my students’ typing speed increase, but I also was amazed that their reading and standardized test scores increased dramatically too! However, the greatest increase that I observed in my students was in their own self-confidence and self-esteem… and that is truly priceless.

A few years later, a 72-year-old CEO reached out to me and shared that he felt limited in his business because he was unable to type. He inspired me to turn my program into an online course so that more adults would also have access to this incredible program. 

Within a few months, he was able to triple his typing speed, and the Reading and Typing Program was officially online and available to the world!

What is the best age to start learning to type?

The Reading and Typing Program is designed for children as young as 5 years old, but the best age to start learning to type is the one you are right now! 

What is the recommended typing speed for my age?

The chart below will show you the recommended typing speed based on age.

My current typing speed is over 100 wpm, and the fastest typing speed in the world is 212 wpm!

How long should I practice each day?

It is best to practice the exercises for 10-15 minutes every day. However, you are can practice as much or as little as you want. You are encouraged to go at your own pace and work as fast or as slow as you need to in order to master this valuable skill. 

Many parents with small children or children with special needs may practice only a few minutes a day while some older students and adults prefer to practice for longer periods of time up to several hours a day. 

However, if you notice pain in your eyes, wrists, or fingers, you should stop practicing immediately and give your body and brain a break.

How long will it take to complete the whole program?

The Reading and Typing Program has 24 lessons that will take about 10-30 minutes each to complete. The entire program can be completed in 5-10 hours. Of course, the faster you type, the faster you will finish the program.

Do you offer different levels?

Yes! Your membership includes access to ALL Reading and Typing Program Levels. 

Most people will begin with the Beginner I course which will teach you the correct hand position and finger use. Then once you have completed the Beginner I Course, send me an email at: info@paxministries.com, and I will update your course level based on your current typing speed.

Does the Reading and Typing Program meet the needs of diverse learners?

The Reading and Typing Program incorporates all learning styles:

  • Visual,
  • Oral,
  • Auditory, and 
  • Kinesthetic 

What is the most important thing to remember?

While we want to make sure that we are always using the correct hand position and the correct fingers to touch each key, the most important thing to remember is that it is okay to make mistakes

In fact, making mistakes is an important part of the learning process because it means that you are practicing something new. So, when (not if) you make a mistake, remember that mistakes are opportunities to learn

Don’t let a mistake get you down or slow you down! Practice correcting your mistakes as quickly as possible. You can do it!

What should I do if I (or my child/students) make a mistake?

Part of learning to type quickly is also learning to correct yourself quickly when you make a mistake. 

If you make a mistake, stretch your pinky finger of your right hand to hit the “backspace” or “delete” button. 

Try to fix your mistake as quickly as possible without moving your hands from the home row keys. Eventually, you will be able to correct your mistakes without even looking.

The important part is to not get upset or frustrated. Everyone makes mistakes, and we are all learning how to fix them quickly – in typing and in life.

I am a teacher, and I would like to use the Reading and Typing Program in my classroom.

Thank you so much for wanting to support your students in learning one of the most valuable skills possible!

We can set up teacher accounts so that you are able to track and monitor your students’ progress.

To learn more about licensing for a classroom, please reach out to Angela Harders at: admin@paxministries.com.

Course Fees

Choose the best option for your budget and start learning to type today!


$ 14 .99

/ month

Access to ALL Levels

24 Interactive Lessons

Progress Monitoring


$ 99 .99

/ year

Access to ALL Levels

24 Interactive Lessons

Progress Monitoring


$ 199 .99

Access to ALL Levels

24 Interaction Lessons

Progress Monitoring


We think the Reading and Typing Program is amazing, but don’t take our word for it! Check out what our students have to say.

My daughter started the Reading and Typing Program when she was 6 years old. Within a few weeks, she tripled her typing speed! I can’t believe it!

Monica H.

Thank you so much, Angela, for designing the Reading and Typing Program. When I started, I could only type 4 wpm, now I can type over 30 wpm with my eyes closed!

Omar N.